30 business ideas to start within Rs. 20,000 in year 2020

Are you looking for profitable business ideas in India. The first step is to have clarity on the business idea and then executing business idea to happen. Most of the potential entrepreneurs do not start business because they find themselves struggling – with investments and profitable business ideas.

Most of the potential startups have many profitable business ideas in their mind but it is lack of clarity about the business ideas which restrict them to initiate their business venture. To start a business even at small scale you need to give your 100% effort. Utmost persistence & commitment to achieve success in the business.

We have shortlisted 30 small profitable business ideas which you can start within investment of Rs. 20,000 only. For each business ideas we have tried to provide brief guidance. We have tried to identify major cost involved in the business and what are growth potential in the business.

1. Bookey / Florist business

Business ideas - Flower Shop

Flowers / Bookey are loved by everyone. If you have a passion for flowers and Bookey you could start your florist business within low budget. India is a country of young people who have good disposable income. Hence, gifting as the segment has been taken very positively. According to IMARC Group, the Indian floriculture market is of Rs 157 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach Rs 472 billion by 2024. 

Almost 85% of all flowers sold in India are by local vendors, roadside vendors and itinerant sellers. To start this business you need to find a shop at a good location on rent. Apart from monthly shop rental expense you need to spend on buying flowers, bookey making materials and tools. All these costs should not exceed more than 20000. Later on you can expand this business based on the opportunities available. 

2. Fruit Juice Cart (Park Side)

Business ideas - Juice Shop

India is getting health conscious day by day. Due to increasing health consciousness among people health related products market has taken a pace. Starting a health related business in very low budget could be proved a boon for unemployed urban youth. In cities a lot of people visit parks early in the morning for a walk or running or doing a little exercise. Selling these park going people Juices like, orange juice, bitter gourd juice, amla juice, bottle gourd juice, apple juice etc. is very easy. 

This business can be started with a very low investment like Rs. 20,000/-. You need to buy a good quality Juice maker within Rs. 7000 to 8000. You can buy a cart or one table and some chairs which can be placed near the exit gate of the park. Juice making utensils & tools & raw materials for juice making are the other heads of expenses. People love to find fresh juices after exercise. You can start with one juice cart and later on you can expand it to the other parks.

3. Religious Items Shop

Business ideas - Religious Items Shop

India is a country of religions. Religious shops were earlier seen at the corner of the religious place like temple, mosque, church etc. Now we can see religious shops at prime locations. It is an evergreen high profit business.The main investment in this business is the shop rental and in buying inventory for the shop. 

Before starting this business you should research about the market size of different religious people living in your target location. Based on that you can decide about the theme of the shop. After that you need to buy religious items from local wholesalers shops. Initially you should start with high selling items and later on you can increase the products categories. This business is also a high profit margin business if you know the right source to buy the inventory.

4. Tea & Snacks Shop

Business ideas - Tea Shop

Selling tea in small towns and rural areas could be a good business opportunity for unemployed youth. This business can be started with very low investment however the profit margins are very high. Identifying the right location and having good tea making skill could be the key to success in this business. You need to Identify crowded place for setting up the shop. You should also study (existing shops/ competitors ). Buying second hand chairs & tables, front counter is advisable in order to reduce cost. You can manage to start this business within Rs. 20000.

5. Network Marketing Business

Business ideas - Networking Business

Many of us might have encountered network marketing people sometime in our lives and generally we presume that it is not a good business. But network marketing business has a very good profit potential if we do it in the right manner. If you love meeting people and have a good convincing power definitely this business is for you. Network marketing provides a very good opportunity for earning passive income without making much effort. 

In India these days many network marketing businesses are trending like Kamya lifestyle, kevaind business, Biosash, aquanomia, napr home etc. You need to understand the business model first and then decide why do you want to enter into network marketing. You need to define your goals, Participate in training offered by networking company, attend  their Seminars and some executable plans which you will be executing 

6. Online Bakery Shop

Business ideas - Bakery Shop

We all love tasty bakeries. If you have an unmatched bakery making skills you can start this business from home. To start your online bakery shop you need to empanel yourself on different online platforms like zomato, uber eat, swiggy etc. You just need to invest into raw materials for making good bakeries. You can also invest some money on building your online presence. This will improve your credibility for the business. Competition is very high in the market therefore having some unique bakery ideas or some other USP may prove a factor of success in this business.

7. Online cooking classes

Business ideas - online cooking classes

Do you love making food and would like to share your knowledge with the world and earn some money. Here is a quick guide for you. To start this business you just need one phone with good quality camera, one stand for recording and one bluetooth mike. If you hesitate to make content directly on camera you can write down the script first and then you can start the recordings. You can also learn how to use some free video editing tools to edit your content online. Initially you can post your videos on different social networking websites and then you can launch your own channel on youtube. There are different other websites like, Udemy, coursera, upwork, etc., where you can upload your content and sell your course.

8. Tuition center

Business ideas - Tuition Center

Teaching is one of the most respected professions in Indian society. If you have some classroom space you can start classes at your place or you can get the rented place for classes. You can also provide home tuition based on hourly rates. This business requires almost zero investment to start. Depending on your comfort level you can invest some money in building your online image. This business is purely capability based business and the key to success is your knowledge on subject and teaching skills. If you are facing difficulty in finding students nowadays there are many online websites providing online tutors services, you can empanel with any of them based on services availability in your area. 

9. Hand made Card making business

Business ideas - hand made cards business

This is a niche business. You have to invest mainly into developing an attractive website. If you know some online marketing you can save some investment money in the business. People still love to buy beautiful handcrafted personalised cards to gift to some near and dear ones. This business is also skill based business and it mainly depends on the quality of your cards and how efficiently you present your business online. You can start this business within Rs. 20000 as you have to invest only into online website and some card making materials.

10. Mobile repairing shop

Business ideas - Mobile repairing shop

Mobile phones have generated a huge business opportunity in the form of mobile phone repair shops, which can be opened with very low investment. One can easily learn mobile repairing with various vocational courses provided by government and other private institutions. You can learn mobile repairing basic course within Rs. 10,000 and start your repair shop. Shop rental would cost Rs. 7000 and buying some tools & materials for mobile repairing Rs. 3000. To start the business you should study the existing mobile repairing shops. You can go with pamphlets marketing, sms marketing to bring awareness in the local market.

11. Garment tailoring business

Business ideas - Garment tailoring business

If you have garment tailoring skill, you can start this business just by investing some money in stitching machine.This business can be started from home. Many small & medium garment manufacturers in metro cities outsource their stitching job to individual garment manufacturers. They provide all the raw materials and designs. You just have to do the stitching job as prescribed by the fabricators. You will earn money based on per job completed as per prescribed quality parameter. If you live in rural areas you can spread the word of mouth and get the stitching job locally.

12. Dance/Music school

Business ideas - dance school

Do you have a passion for dance and music. If you have classroom space at your home you can start this business with almost no investment. You just need to invest some money in music instruments and some interior work in the classroom. The prerequisite for this business is that you should have good dancing skills or music knowledge. If you have to find place on rent you need to invest in rental money. 

Initially you should focus on quality output of students and they will spread the word of mouth. For this you can make process for admitting only deserving and potential dancers in your school. You should focus on generating word of mouth in the target market by participating in relevant contests and attending related circuit. 

13. Blogging

Business ideas - blogging

In this business investment is only in form of online websites and some seo activities. If you have good knowledge on some specific subject or you like writing on general subject you can start you blogging website. Blogging generates passive income. This business require some patience and dedicated time and efforts. However this business can be started with low investment but to be successful in this business you need to work hard and have patience before seeing the actual result.

14. Paan (betel leaf) Shop

Business ideas - Paan (betel leaf) Shop

Paan shop (betel leaf) is a very high margin business with small investment. In India paan is considered very auspicious and it has many health benefits as well. In rural areas and tear C and D cities it can be a very good business for unemployed youths. It can be opened with a small shop with size of 4 ft. x 5 ft. Entrepreneur should identify crowded locations like railway stations, central market etc. for the shop. Location & skill set can play a key role in this regard.  You can start this business within Rs. 20000 and based the the response you can expand it later on

15. Dog Walker

Business ideas - dog walker

Do you love dogs. You can start this service business with almost nil investment. You just need to do some promotions for your service. The best way to do this is to spread pamphlets with newspapers within your target locations. You can provide this service in the morning or in the evening and rest of the time you can think of some other business opportunity. You can also provide dog care services if people are going outside their home and dogs are alone at home. There are other related services which you can provide later on based on success in initial stage

16. Dog breeding & selling business

Business ideas - Dog Breeding Shop

Dogs are very popular in metro cities. There are different breeds of dogs in the market. You should have good knowledge about dogs reproduction, nutrition, wellness, and care before entering this business. For dog breeding purpose you need to buy female dog and once it is of 12 months she is ready for breeding. You can go for line breeding in which mating between dogs are done when they are marginally related to each other. Once puppies are 1 to 2 months old you can sell them online or offline. In this business the only capital investment is investment in buying female dog initially.


17. Address verification services

Business ideas - Address verification services

Address verification services (AVS) works to verify that the address provided by one person is the same where he resides. Most of the credit card companies, banks and other institutions verify their customers. You can get associated with these banks and other institutions to provide them verification services. Private companies also do verification of their new joined employees in order to prevent frauds. AVS can be started with low investment and profit margins of the business are also good  

18. Name Plates Business

Business ideas - Name Plate business

You might have smiled once or felt proud after watching you names on name plate outside outside your home, office, building, Villas and bungalows. Presently different types of name plates are sold in the market. Generally name plates can be placed on acrylic, brass, ceramic, glass, marble, steel, stone and wood. The designs & use of latest trends define the success of the business. It can be started with low investment and can be scaled at large scale afterward. Profit margins in this business are very good;

19. Walking Tour Business

Business ideas - walking tour business

Tourism is a growing market in India. If you have a passion for travel and an extensive knowledge of your local area you could start your walking tour business. In walking tour business tourists walked around the well known and lesser known tourist places in the area. One could do this type of business full time or part time based on his interest and time availability. This business requires only investment in marketing and building online presence however profitability in this business in very high.

20. Sports Coaching business

Business ideas - sports coaching business

The Government of India has initiated various initiatives like “Fit India”, “Khelo India”, “Beti Padhao Beti Bachao” etc. All these initiatives has proved very beneficial for sports in India. Presently in India sports persons are seen as celebrities. Best part is that now we don’t only watch cricket we also watch kabaddi, football, volleyball and many more games. This has opened a great market opportunity for sports teacher. If you have experience and expertise in any specific sports many sports academies and even schools are looking for you. Demand for independent personal sports teachers are also high in the market. This business is also skill based business and you do not need any investment in this business except for some expenses in creating online presence and buying some game related tools & equipment.

21. YouTube Channel

Business ideas - youtube channel

Youtube has provided a tremendous opportunity for people with any specific talent. If you like reviewing products, making songs, dancing or playing some specific instrument. You can start your channel with almost no cost involved. It is all about creating quality content. If you don’t know how to earn money on youtube you can learn it online very easily lots of content are available. In short, the more people watch your video the more chances of earning you build.

22. Two wheeler repairing shop

Business ideas - two wheelers repairing shop

Two Wheeler like scooters, mopeds and motor-cycles servicing & repairing have great potential. In India, people with limited income, always go for repairing of two-wheelers /vehicles. This provides a great market potential for two-wheeler repair & service units. Two wheeler repairing shop can be opened with a small investment and can provide good opportunity of employment. One has to invest in shop rent and buying some basic repairing tools.

23. Food Cart

Business ideas - food cart business

In cities at crowded locations you can start a small food cart business within minimum investment. To start this business you need investment in the cart and food making equipment & raw materials. You can provide lunch services in the afternoon and breakfast in the morning. Based on locations you can decide about the menu but many times if you are selling cuisines of other location, it may work for example if you are selling south India food in Delhi it may work based on the quality of food and location selected. In Food cart business major investment is in renal cost and manpower and raw material cost. You can start small shop within investment of Rs. 20000 and later on you can expand your business.

24. Gardening service providing business

Business ideas - gardening services business

 In metro cities people are more aware of the environmental issues. Indoor and outdoor plantation and gardening services business are growing.  This has created a huge market for people who could take care of these plants. If you love plants and gardening this business is definitely for you. In this business you need to invest some money in buying gardening tools & equipment and different seeds. Pamphlets and sms marketing can be used for marketing.

25. Community wedding consultants

Business ideas - wedding planner

Indian wedding are famous worldwide. There are already many online wedding match making websites and consultants available. You can start community specific wedding consulting services. You need to invest money in developing your online presence. The credibility built online can add major value for your business.

Whatever community you choose you need to work hard to understand their requirements regarding marriages and try to connect with them with your all communication touch points like websites, email, messages, etc.

26. Freelance writing services

Business ideas - freelancing business

Do you love writing. The market is huge open for good content writers. The internet has opened up huge opportunities for content writers. You can also provide your article writing services to various news papers and related magazines.  This business does not require any investment. You can have a presence on social websites and build your image as a good professional writers over there. You can also have a presence on different freelancing websites like upwork, worknhire, freelancers etc. to provide your services 

27. Home made tiffin services

Business ideas - Home made tiffin businesses

Home food Tiffin Business is a very good business for parents sitting at home. Working professionals in cities are Increasing day by day and they always find ways to save some money. In such cases, for lunch and dinner, they find tiffin service as the most convenient and economic way.  Initial target area for this business should be defined clearly. It is always advisable to start your business with a focus on a limited area. In this business you need to invest in tiffins and raw materials to make food. This business can be easily started within Rs. 20000 for 20 – 25 people, if you charge 50% money in advance or collect money on a daily basis.

28. Niche Website

Business ideas - niche website

Do you have knowledge on specific topic or subject in which you think that people would love to read your content and there is not enough content on the internet. You can start building your niche website. Finding a niche to write content is the main task in this business. You have to find a niche category where people are looking for information but there is not enough information available online. If you are sure that you can build quality content on that particular subject you should start this business.

29. Fashion designing services

Business ideas - fashion designing business

Fashion industry is on growth path in India. India has more than 50% of its population within age below 25 years and around 65% of its population within age below 35 Year. These young people love to wear the latest fashion. If you are a fashion designer you could start your business without any investment. There are many small and medium garment manufacturing companies who can not afford full time designer or they want to get the latest design ideas from market they buy designs from independent fashion designers. You can either work with them on retainer basis or on the project basis. 

30. Cartridge Refill Service

Business ideas - cartridge refill services

In India people hardly replace their cartridge. Instead of replacing it every time they get the ink refilled by cartridge refill service providers. Regarding technical skill one can get some certification course on cartridge refilling services or they can learn it online. Finding ink souring wholesalers or traders is also important. You can provide cartridge refill services at client place or at your shop based on the feasibility of service. It is high margin business as one cartridge refill costs Rs. 250 to 350 to customers however the ink purchase cost is around 40% to 50% of the selling price.