Are you a startup

I am management professional with more than a decade of experience in business consulting. I have been engaged with many startups across sectors during these years.

The objective of this website is to create a platform for startups and potential entrepreneurs to help them during their initial startup phases. 

Business Plan

Startup Idea Viability

Do you have an business idea and want to know the viability of the that business idea. I have developed one questionnaire which shall take less than 15 minutes. It shall help you take a well informed go no go decision about your business idea

One Page Plan

Startup Strategy

A one page strategic plan could help you set directions of your startup. Most of startups basically plan their execution instead of executing the plan. This one page strategic plan shall guide you at all stages while taking critical decisions


Benjamin Franklin

Startup Blog

The key thought I kept in my mind is writing original and authentic thoughts about startups.  

I have put together some good articles which can help existing startups & potential startups to take a well informed decision about their business ventures.

Startup Strategy